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“What really surprised me was how in depth and focused they (guitar lessons) were… If you have always wanted to learn guitar…and you are dedicated and willing to learn, this is definitely the place for you. If you are a dedicated student, he (Chris Hirsch) will share your dedication with you and take you to places you never imagined going.”
– Kenny

Guitar Lessons in Ruston
“I was super surprised by how quickly I was able to pick things up and learn things. Hirsch Guitar Academy is really neat because everything is customized to what my goals actually are… which kept me encouraged and inspired to keep practicing and playing every week.”



I would definitely recommend Hirsch Guitar Academy, because what it’s done for me. It’s allowed me to get back to what I’ve wanted to do since I was a teen; learn how to play the guitar and enjoy the guitar as a hobby.
-Oscar Robertson

“Since playing with Chris Hirsch, I’ve been
getting much faster results in my guitar
playing… I’m always excited to play with him.
It is definitely worth your time.”
– Elliot Coody

Best Electric Guitar Lessons Ruston“Chris’ devotion and talent with guitar becomes apparent the moment he picks one up, and his enthusiasm is infectious.  He highly enjoys sharing his passion with others and helping them enhance their own potential. I have seen his teaching abilities in action in various areas of his life, and it is evident that he is an excellent mentor with exceptional character.  Anyone interested in learning guitar or wishing to expand their mastery would benefit from his training.

-John  Champagne


Ruston Guitar Lessons“I have known Chris for years now and have worked with him in activities that required focus and determination.  I have found him to be a gifted, diligent, honest and talented individual who is mature beyond his years.”

-Jeremy Crook



“Online wasn’t working, it was frustrating… There are many things I’ve learned at Hirsch
Guitar Academy that I did not and could not learn online. I would tell anyone thinking
about guitar lessons that Hirsch Guitar Academy is the place for you, and you will be
excited and glad that you did.”
– Latoya Tolbert

Jackson Robinson Pic
“What’s surprised me about Hirsch Guitar Academy is how fast I’ve progressed. I always struggled before coming here with practicing and not knowing what to practice, but coming here has really helped know what to practice and what to do.”
-Jackson Robinson

“Hirsch Guitar Academy has shown some really fast results for JB…one of my favorite things about lessons is that I get to hear JB come home and play music… I get to see that he’s making real progress.”
-Jeff Robinson (JB’s Dad)