Want to get results on your guitar 5 times faster than you are now?


Have you always wanted to play guitar, but got discouraged with how long it took to get noticeable results?


Think you have too many responsibilities, and there’s no way you could ever have time for guitar lessons?

If playing guitar is something that you really want, and you keep finding reasons to stop you, how do you think that’s affecting your day to day life?

It could mean that you become unhappy, unmotivated, and burnt out in the future, leading to feeling unfulfilled and struggling with a boring repetitive cycle day in and day out…  all because you never found a way to add a meaningful  hobby into your life.

I’m Chris Hirsch, with Hirsch Guitar Academy, and I know how you feel. Whether it’s an endless supply of chores around the house, school, family… you feel like there isn’t enough time in the day as it is, much less enough time to ADD something to your life, right?

Many people have felt this way, ESPECIALLY after trying to learn in the past.

Maybe you’ve picked up guitar before and tried to learn from the Internet or YouTube… but got frustrated with how long you spent searching for material, trying to figure out what to practice, and never saw any real progress…

Maybe you had a friend that “showed you some chords/licks/riffs/etc” …but that never really got you anywhere.

Could be that you’ve even tried to learn guitar from videos, books, or other instructional material, only to find that without feedback, you hit a wall in your guitar playing.

You might have even tried taking lessons before, but found that even then, you weren’t making enough progress to justify the time..

I’m here to tell you that there IS a solution to learning guitar on a busy schedule.  

Unlike other formats or even other guitar lessons, Hirsch Guitar Academy will take the time to REALLY dig in to what YOU want to get out of guitar, and create a personalized lesson plan to get you to your goals as fast as possible.


Not only are these lessons COMPLETELY personalized, they are taught in a groundbreaking format that gets FASTER results in LESS time.  This format is so revolutionary that I can’t go into details here, because guitar teachers everywhere would try to steal it and use it for themselves.

I’ve helped several people with busy schedules just like you learn to play using this unique approach to guitar lessons.

“Since playing with Chris Hirsch, I’ve been
getting much faster results in my guitar
playing… I’m always excited to play with him.
It is definitely worth your time.”
– E. Coody

Here’s just a little bit of what you’ll get with guitar lessons at Hirsch Guitar Academy:

  • Finally learn guitar thanks to a method that works with your busy schedule
  • Flexible scheduling for your busy lifestyle with the innovative FLEX training format
  • Fastest results possible with personalized lesson plans so you don’t learn anything that doesn’t line up with YOUR personal goals
  • Unstoppable motivation to achieve your personal goals with a personal guitar coach that is FULLY COMMITTED to seeing YOU succeed
  • Feeling awesome as you play for all your family and friends, and show them that even with a busy lifestyle you were still able to rise above and learn guitar like you’ve always wanted
  • Full accountability to ensure that you actually MAKE IT to your goals, using cutting edge methods for tracking progress


5 MORE Benefits of Guitar Lessons with Hirsch Guitar Academy!


1. You will make ridiculous progress with highly effective practices!

Many guitar players never really know what they need to practice in order to reach their goals, so instead they spend hours looking up videos and tabs on the internet and barely get anywhere! Your guitar lessons in Ruston with Hirsch Guitar Academy come with detailed, personalized weekly objectives that are optimized to propel your practicing and progress to levels you never thought possible.

2. You will gain the skills that YOU want quickly with focused lesson items!

Even when you know how to have highly effective practices, many guitar players are mislead by the internet and other sources to practice things that don’t even matter for gaining the skills they want!  You will learn how to have highly effective practices and make progress EVERY TIME you touch your guitar, AND Hirsch Guitar Academy will formulate a detailed strategy of all the knowledge and skills that you will need to learn in order to get to your goals.  One size does NOT fit all when it comes to guitar lessons!


3. You will actually learn how to perform with other musicians!

Unfortunately, many guitar players are great when they are playing by themselves at their own house, but when you stick them in a room with other musicians they seize up out of fear or lack of experience.  This should not ever have to happen, and Hirsch Guitar Academy’s guitar lessons in Ruston feature special programs that will teach you to have the confidence and skills to blow other musicians away!  Don’t take lessons online or from teachers that don’t give you this experience. Playing with others, or playing for other people is one of the most fun, rewarding experiences of guitar. Don’t miss out on it!

4. You will conquer everything you set out to accomplish

Guitar lessons in Ruston with Hirsch Guitar Academy are so much more than just lesson material and knowledge. They are more than even knowing what you need to learn, and how to practice as effectively as possible.  We care more for your success than any other lessons you could ever take will, and we will do everything we can to ensure your success.  After a few months of guitar lessons with Hirsch Guitar Academy, not only will your guitar playing have drastically improved, but the mindset that you learn will carry over and teach you to dominate everything in life.

5. You will be able to have fun anywhere for the rest of your life

This is one of the greatest reasons to learn guitar! Once you know how to play, anywhere that you have a guitar becomes nearly limitless in the amount of fun that you can have. Whether you are writing songs, playing with others, showing off your new skills, playing around, playing other people’s music, or anything else you can think of, guitar becomes a source of joy and fulfillment for LIFE!


Some Frequent Questions

Average Guitar Lessons in Ruston vs Hirsch Guitar Academy


Question: Can you really help ME get to MY goals?

Average Guitar Lessons

Most guitar teachers will just say “absolutely!” without ever stopping to find out what your goals even are.

Hirsch Guitar Academy

I offer a FREE, no-obligation Introductory Session in order to find your goals and evaluate your skill level. If I can’t help you, I will be honest and refer you elsewhere.


Question: How will you track my progress and know what to work on each week?

Average Guitar Lessons

Average guitar lessons don’t or barely do this AT ALL. Instead, lessons are unstructured and consist of “What do you want to learn today?” or taught straight from a book with no consideration to personal goals.

Hirsch Guitar Academy

At Hirsch Guitar Academy, not only do we keep careful track of what you’ve been learning with log sheets and recommended practice objectives, but EVERY LESSON is part of a strategy made to get you the fastest results possible. We don’t“wing it,” we create you a guitar lessons program to get you to your goals!

Question: How will you train me to overcome specific problems and frustrations?

Average Guitar Lessons

The majority of guitar teachers try to give completely new information every  lesson.  This may sound good, but in actuality it just brushes over problems without fixing them, and the student becomes frustrated and overwhelmed over time.

Hirsch Guitar Academy

Instead of constantly overwhelming the student with an influx of new material, we believe it is important that students are trained in how to apply their knowledge in real musical situations. For this reason, there are dedicated Question/Answer and training sessions IN ADDITION to your typical information based guitar lesson format!

Question: What styles and ability levels do you teach?

Average Guitar Lessons

Almost every music teacher will tell you they teach all styles of guitar lessons. This sounds good, but it is rare that someone teaches all styles well. You should look for a guitar teacher that teaches the style that YOU want to learn.

Hirsch Guitar Academy

Hirsch Guitar Academy is proud to specialize in guitar lessons for Classic Rock, Melodic Rock, Melodic Metal, and Blues from Beginner to Advanced levels.

The principles and techniques we teach also have high benefit for ALL Beginners and Intermediate players of Country, Pop, Contemporary Christian, and Acoustic Guitar.In addition to these guitar lessons, we teach Songwriting, Aural Skills, Improvisation abilities, and Applied Music Theory.

We do not currently teach Classical or Fingerstyle Guitar.

Question: How are your lessons structured?

Average Guitar Lessons

Most guitar lessons either follow a “one size fits all” approach, reading and teaching out of a book regardless of the individual’s goals, or just wing it and say things like “show me what you’ve been practicing” or “What do you want to work on today?” The lack of a personal goal based strategy and structure in both approaches will cause you to take much longer in reaching your goals.

Hirsch Guitar Academy

With Hirsch Guitar Academy’s Guitar Lessons in Ruston, EVERY LESSON is part of a unique strategy made just for you to conquer YOUR goals.  There will be Question and Answer time for any questions or specific problems you may have, but you will NEVER hear us ask “What do you want to work on today?” We take your goals and plan your lessons to get you there. We figure out what to work on FOR YOU. All you have to do is follow the path to guitar victory.

Question: How will you help me to have the most productive practice I can?

Average Guitar Lessons

Most guitar lessons will end with the student being told “Make sure you go home and practice!” but that’s it! There is rarely advice on what to practice or when to practice it or even how to practice. Just a vague suggestion to practice.

Hirsch Guitar Academy

We don’t just tell you to “make sure to practice!” We supply you a student practice logbook AND weekly practice objectives that tell you what to practice and how to practice it so that you get the most benefit out of your guitar lessons.This means MASSIVE results for you, since you never have to waste time wondering what to practice. This leaves ALL your guitar time for getting FAST results and having FUN playing with your new skills!


Question: What are your qualifications?

Average Guitar Lessons

Many guitar teachers have 0 qualifications other than they’ve been doing it for a long time.  Don’t think that doing something for a long time makes you inherently good at it… it doesn’t.

Some guitar teachers might have a college degree in teaching, so they are better than your average guitar lessons, but they stop investing in themselves there, meaning that they now slowly go stale in their teaching and don’t continually adapt to make sure their students get the most benefit possible.

Hirsch Guitar Academy

Hirsch Guitar Academy is a member of EGTIC, which is a collaboration of some of the best guitar teachers in the world, meaning that we are constantly working to make sure that we offer the best learning experience ANYWHERE.

Additionally, Chris Hirsch, head instructor of Hirsch Guitar Academy is certified in the following: Perfect Practice Guitar Training, Dynamic Group Guitar Training, Rapid Results Guitar Training, Geometric Growth Guitar Training, and Rotational Format Guitar Training.

Hirsch Guitar Academy also makes a point to send its instructors to several training events throughout the year to constantly ensure the best experience for ALL students.


Best Electric Guitar Lessons Ruston“Chris’ devotion and talent with guitar becomes apparent the moment he picks one up, and his enthusiasm is infectious.  He highly enjoys sharing his passion with others and helping them enhance their own potential. I have seen his teaching abilities in action in various areas of his life, and it is evident that he is an excellent mentor with exceptional character.  Anyone interested in learning guitar or wishing to expand their mastery would benefit from his training.

-J.  Champagne


Ruston Guitar Lessons“I have known Chris for years now and have worked with him in activities that required focus and determination.  I have found him to be a gifted, diligent, honest and talented individual who is mature beyond his years.”

-J. Crook



“Online wasn’t working, it was frustrating… There are many things I’ve learned at Hirsch
Guitar Academy that I did not and could not learn online. I would tell anyone thinking
about guitar lessons that Hirsch Guitar Academy is the place for you, and you will be
excited and glad that you did.”
– L. Tolbert

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